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Walk-in Baths

All of Opus Bathing’s walk-in baths are designed and manufactured in the UK and we have a large range to suit a variety of bathrooms or mobility needs. If you enjoy bathing but are struggling to get into or out of a traditional bath, a walk-in bath could be the answer.

We have a solution to help all situations, for those with more mobility our full length walk-in baths maybe an ideal replacement, retaining the ability to recline fully. If getting up or down is becoming a problem, then our sit down baths with doors offer a great alternative and can still be used with an overhead shower! Our power baths are designed to safely lift you up over the side of the bath and lower you gently into the bath. Opus Bathing are here to help!

Full length walk in baths

Full-length baths

Full length walk-in baths ideal for people who enjoy sitting back and reclining in the bath.

Walk-in baths with doors

Space-saving baths

A good choice for people who experience difficulties sitting or standing in the bath, or where bathroom size is limited.

Power baths

Power seat baths

For those who enjoy taking a bath, but have difficulty lifting or positioning their legs.

Bathing accessories

Bathroom accessories

Finishing touches to complete your new bathroom.

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